Who Said Chivalry is Dead?

I want to start off my blog by suggesting that every part has a whole; for instance, a pixel to a picture, an individual to a society, a society to the world.  I feel strongly that small acts of kindness are a part of a greater kindness that can exist in a community.

With this thought I had been keeping an eye out for an act that would exemplify this.  Just as I was losing faith that I wouldn’t find it, Alexander Huey, a junior at CU Boulder majoring in Astrophysics, tapped me on the shoulder and offered me his seat as I struggled to stand on the bus.

Alex Huey explained to me, “as far as Karma goes, when you are nice to the people around you, you bring them to a better mood.  So I like to think of karma as more of a science, when you do nice things its more likely that it will come back to you.”



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