Lifted My Spirits

This week i received an e-mail in response to my previous blog.  It read:


I have a true story for your blog from my travels this week.

I flew into the  Baltimore Washington International airport on Monday morning, as usual, and took the shuttle/bus from the airport to the Hertz car rental facility. It’s about a 7 minute ride.  The bus driver was especially friendly and helping everybody with their luggage as they got onto her bus.  With everybody on board, she was still chatting to the guy sitting next to me.  Actually, she was telling him a story of what happened to her the day before.  She was actually telling the whole busload of people because she was driving while she was yelling this story to us.

She explained that she was a big football fan and she has to tell her friends what the football referee hand signals and penalties mean and explain football rules to them.  Her favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys because of the color blue and the star on their helmet. They were her favorite team growing up and she was very excited to know the Dallas Cowboys were going to play the Baltimore Ravens (her hometown team) in a couple weeks.

Anyway, I’ll get back to her story.

The day before, on her last run of the night, a passenger got onto her bus. He explained to her that he was on her bus earlier that day and lost his cell phone and he must find it.  He said that he either lost it on her bus, or left it in the rental car.   She explained that she did not find a phone on her bus and her shift is over.  He was persistent and she could see how important it was that he find his cell phone.  She explained that her shift was over and she would be taking her bus to its lot, not the car rental facility, but she would drive him to the car rental facility so he could search for his phone there.  He was extremely appreciative and knew that she was going out of her way and on her personal time to help him.

So, as she drove to the bus lot, the conversation moved to football.  She told him that her girlfriend asked her to go to a NFL football game, but she said she couldn’t go because tickets are $200.00.  As the football conversation continued with the passenger, she explained to him that Dallas Cowboys were her favorite team and they were going to come to town soon.  She was very excited.  He asked her when they were coming town and she told him to look at her clip-board and look at the last page.  That is where she kept a full NFL game schedule and recorded all game scores of every game for every team.  He was surprised to realize that she is a “real” fan.

They reached the car rental facility and she took him inside to help look for his lost phone.  He told her that she was the nicest person and going out of her way to help him and it was absolutely the best customer service he has ever experienced. Then, he said “I haven’t told you something, yet…I work for the NFL, I work for Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins and I am going to get you tickets to that Dallas Cowboys/Baltimore Ravens game…”  She was so excited.  She was still excited the next day when I was on her bus and she was telling us the story.  He called her early Monday and explained that he didn’t want to let any time pass and needed an address to send the tickets for her and her friend for the Dallas/Ravens football game.

She was slightly skeptical, but so excited and hopeful as she was telling her story to us on the bus.  So, we don’t really know if she received the tickets or not. But, I think she will.  So, the karma you were referring to just might really exist.

By the way.  The lost phone was found, in the rental car. And the NFL guy said he would also do something for the car rental guy who helped him to recover his phone, too.

She lifted my spirits and I immediately thought of your blog.

I’m not sure if you can use this story or not. But it’s really true.


If you have a story of kindness like this, contact me at


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