The Compliment Challange

I received a compliment from a class mate this week .  She told me that she was always impressed by the ideas I contribute to the class and thought that I was a unique and intellegent thinker.  Speaking in that class makes me very nervous, and I am very self contious in my ability to communicate my thoughts clearly.  So, perhaps she didn’t realize, but her compliment ment a lot to me.  The same day I received two compliments on the dress I was wearing.

The fact that thesestrangers made a point to compliment me really had a positive impact on my day.  I was smiling, feeling confident, and it also let me know I was surrounded by kind and friendly people.

This was my inspiration for “The Compliment Challenge”.  I wanted to challenge people to make two complimants a day, one to a stranger and then a deeper compliment to someone known.

In the following week you may recieve this card (If you attend CU Boulder):


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