About me

Sharon Cleere

I suppose I ought to tell you a little bit about myself. But this is a box of text and I am not a box… so, I’ll just walk you through an average day in the life of ME.
I wake up, always early (and always reluctantly), usually to my puppy, Porter, with his head resting on the edge of my bed waiting for the moment I open my eyes.
Together we go on a walk. On our walk I usually think about a billion and one things: what will I do today, what should I do with my life, how many years old is that large tree, space time relativity is soooo weird, what if the sky was one big rainbow, I wonder how we could end world hunger and so on. Porter usually thinks: BIRD! SQUIRREL! Whats that smell, whats this smell and so on.
Breakfast time:
Usually I make a some strange concoction of fruit in my blender. But my favorite breakfast is peaches and cream (yes like Ms. Muffit)
Some days I nanny two darling little kids, and spend my day blowing bubbles, reenacting the movie Frozen, and reading childrens books. Some times I think I enjoy these activities more than they do.
Other days I go to school. I am a philosophy major with an emphasis in logic. I am also a communications major… Hence, the blogging.
A little late night yoga to wind down, but depending on what kind of day I’ve had maybe a late night snack.

If a run through of my day doesn’t suffice: I love my friends and my family, I love photography, I love practicing yoga, I love thinking and being a nerd, I love meeting new people, I love the Toa Te Ching (read this every day, it will change your life), I love puppies (sorry cats), I love writing, I love warm weather, and most of all I love you.


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